jess boldt 

Jess is currently based in Belgium. She was born and raised on a farm in Nebraska until her father joined the army when she was 8. She then moved to Germany and has lived in 7 different states, and 2 countries since then. She loves to paint people from different cultures. Her heart breaks for human trafficking and does art to promote awareness.  She uses mixed media in all her paintings such as spray paint, acrylic, oil, charcoal, and newspapers, or old magazines. 



Milan Art Institute 2019-2020


Entered in the ArtxFreedom contest July 2020. To help bring awareness to Human Trafficking and was in the top 20 finalist.                                                                              

Participated in Inktober Challenge- and did Disney inspired paintings daily for 31 days.   

Participated in #the100daychallenge where she painted 100 paintings in 100 days to also bring awareness to Human Trafficking.

Participating at the EuropArtFair 2021 in Amsterdam.

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