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Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Thought it may be great time to share more of my "why" behind my paintings, and since I am releasing 9 of these paintings (pictured below), I will share about these specifically.

Art For Awareness

What does art and anti-trafficking have to do with one another?

Well years ago I heard a sermon on Modern Day Slavery by Christine Cain and it wrecked me. Then a few days later, I saw the documentary called, "Nefarious, Merchants of Souls" by Exodus Cry, and it made a deep impact. Three years after that I was attending ministry school and was able to go on some mission trips and help volunteer in foreign countries with other organizations that minister to the people in their communities. All that shaped me.

I then linked up and got trained to do street ministry with Sarah Jane Vegas, who is the Director of, until my family and I moved overseas.

I fully support Stand4justice and all the hard work they put into reaching out to those caught up in the sickening world of being trafficked. So when I came across an art challenge to do 100 paintings in 100 days, I knew I needed to find a theme that would keep me motivated and something that would inspire me.

So I decided to use my art as a way to bring awareness to human trafficking. From Jan.-May of 2021 I completed 100 paintings! Some days were really hard to create after I would read up on articles that were just so evil and dark I didn't want to believe it. But I pressed on because I wanted to make these women and children a priority in my life.

When you purchase from this 8 piece collection that I launched in Jan. 2022, 20% of the profit will be donated to Sarah- Jane Vegas' organization, Stand4Justice.

Even with devastating news going on all around us, my art will always carry a message of awareness, strength and courage. Creating art for a cause is something I thoroughly enjoy and hope to be able to donate to, and partner with organizations in the future.

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