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Faith is Key

Faith is Key

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Faith is Key 


Preparing to paint for worship during second year at bssm, I sensed to paint a key. With the season upon us of 5784 of the Hebrew year of Open Doors I felt this was going to be a special unlocking of sorts. And He encouraged me to write Faith in Hebrew under the key.

As I painted the key I felt such peace and this deep knowing that something in the spirit was being unlocked. When the pastor came up after worship the first thing she mentioned was that she saw the angels unlocking voices and destinies over the people and to do a prophetic act to shout for joy for this is a new season.


Then at the prophetic conference as I stared at the key I also felt Him say that we need to look at His faith first and reading of His faithfulness in the word would build our faith in Him and there would be a great exchange happening.


So hold onto His faith, and may your faith be strengthened every time you see a key as it is key to the upgrade you are about to receive.



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