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The Bride is Ready

The Bride is Ready

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8.5x11” print

Prepping for the Open Heavens Conference, I saw a veil and thought that I would sculpt it. But I couldn’t get it to work in the short amount of time that we will have so I decide that I would paint instead. But just the veil wasn’t what I felt so He guided me to do a hanging dress with a veil. When I saw it I knew that He was saying that He sees His bride but that the dress and veil is waiting for us to put it on. And the groom…. He is waiting. Then the next day after I decided what I wanted to paint, Kris Vallotton posted on his instagram this quote from Brad Klynsmith “ The world needs an active bride. It needs people to pick up the mantle that’s on their life and to begin to own it because now is the time.”


The left side of the painting has the sun shining on the dress beckoning us to step into the light in truth and to leave behind the lies and shame that try and keep us in the dark. May this bring encouragement and strength to know that now is the time… He is waiting.

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