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This Christmas, I give you my heart ❤️

I drop a surprise at the end, so be sure to keep reading (or just scroll to the bottom if you like to read the end of the book first, no judgment here) 🤓

For the past 3 years I have been been painting weekly and though I have sold over 100 pieces I still have hundreds more piling up in my halls.

So this year I have a big goal- to sell 100 paintings in 2 weeks! So let me help you decorate your walls by me emptying my halls with some amazing art deals that you will want to check out. Because my art career spans 3 years you will see quite the variety of work.

Furthering my education now that I'm in in Art School, I am painting with colors I don't normally choose and a wide and diverse subject matter.

From inspiration from studying abroad in Italy, vintage items like cars and farmland, to animals and of course people.

In order for my goal to happen, I need your help and want to offer you a discounted rate.

I will have 100 paintings listed at $100.

(Typical prices of my work that's being sold at this size range from $200-$400).

On Facebook I have 1500 friends.

On instagram I have 2116 followers.

If 10% of you buy one painting it would help me reach my goal! Plus? You will be getting some cool, original work for your space that will inspire you and brighten your day.

Here's the details

Nov 17th - Dec.1

100 paintings will be available for the price discounted price + tax

Free shipping over $100

International shipping rate- additional cost

Every piece I have created has a piece of my history and heart in it.

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